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Luke Lino Cuts and Future Projects - July 2017

Over the past seven years I have made 108 A3 lino cuts, 1 for each story in Luke and at last here they are and I hope you enjoy them. They will be £200 unframed and £250 framed.

I’m now working on a collaboration with Ben Haynes a poet who is translating the Psalms into modern day verse. I am doing 150 illustrations for him, they are very small and have taken me in a completely different direction, I have already done 17.



February update 2015


The workshop artists that the exhibit at catalyst went very well, and so did Beth and my 70th Birthday celebration with the family. For the first time you can see a photo of the 2015 Christmas card to those of you that have not got a copy there are 15 signed (in gold), copies at £7 each, keep at the price! (Postage included).




I have been working hard throughout the summer painting in and around Bude, Cornwall finishing a big landscape that I started a long while ago.

During August I started a triptych, ‘the second coming’. It is not finished yet!


The book will come out at the Catalyst Festival Stoneleigh, the agriculture showground 2016, in conjunction with the first full exhibition of all sixty-six prints. Approximately 4000 people will hopefully be blessed by seeing the prints. 

May 2015 Update

I have done over 70 prints as I have gone through Luke. I am two thirds the way through chapter 15, and working on the design and content.




Meanwhile I’ve been doing some painting based on the creation of the world, universe and beyond.- The first few chapters of Genesis.

1. The spirit of God moving over the waters.

2. The creation of Eve from Adam’s rib. 

I am exhibiting ‘the creation of Adam ,from the dust of the earth‘, the third painting, at this years Catalyst festival at the Stoneleigh show ground.

Also I am doing two art printmaking workshops at the same event.


I will be coming back to Luke in the near future but I have a feeling that I need to have a rest from it for a while.


During April Beth and I spent the time in Cornwall. It was a little windy but most days I was able to get out and work on the cliffs, or in the woods. 

 The Summers exhibitions 2014


All four venues have served their purpose. Both Catalyst and New Wine were big Christian festivals where thousands of people saw a few of the Isaiah prints and many positive things have come from the experience.




The Exhibition in St Peters of 49 of the Isaiah prints with the written explanations. This was kindly opened by Alex Chinneck, Artist and a former pupil of mine. We clocked over 500 people who came to see, and some came more than once just to read the text.

We sold almost all the post cards, in sets of six with the appropriate text on the reverse.

During my times at the exhibition I managed to complete a water colour of the inside of St Peters Church. 

 I have had work up in three cafes in the Birmingham  city centre, in conjunction with the Sputnik set of artists. Some of the work was shown at the Catalyst festival. My thanks goes to Jonny Mellor who puts in an enormous amount of work in this area.

And so in my small way I am telling people about Jesus and sowing seeds.  


 Just an update 9 April 2014

I have been working hard on the Luke prints. I am about half way through, and  have completed 55 additions of 20 prints with some interesting AP’s (artist proofs).This has taken me up to the middle of chapter 12.

I have done three others in no particular order because I was inspired in the moment.

In each chapter there are several stories. For example within chapter 1 I have produced six individual prints.


Here are some photos of the Luke prints, in order to whet your appetite. I hope you enjoy them.

During my time printing this chapter I have found myself doing it with relative ease, as inspiration comes through reading the text. Whereas with other parts of the chapter, I find myself spending a long time drawing and redesigning. Also having to read the cometary’s that I gain full understanding of the text and what it means. I have also included some pictures of my sketch book, which can help you to understand how the prints are designed.


 1. This year I am having an exhibition of the Isaiah suite in St Peters Church, Bedford as part of the Arts and Culture season.  The church will be holding this event throughout July 2014. At St Peters I will also have six postcards for sale 50p each. With the explanation on the back.


2. Other venues that will be exhibiting my work are the ‘catalyst’ new frontiers festival at Stoneleigh park south of Birmingham . 24-27 of May 2014.


3. New Wine festival, near Shepton Mallet, Somerset. From 26 July to 8 August 2014.


Must get on with some more work. Praise God


Rob Cox



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